Jane Austen was one of England's greatest writers. She produced several novels which feature women of the upper middle class struggling to find a place in Regency Englan房屋二胎d. She is best known for her satirical style and quotable lines and phrases. She lived with her sister and never married.- Lindsey Bard
  簡·奧斯汀是英格蘭最偉大的作家之一。她出版過多本描寫褐藻醣膠功效以中上階層女性為代表,在英國攝政時期掙扎尋找自己人生位置的著作。她最出名的是其幽默諷刺的寫作風格,她書里的很多語句至今都被人傳誦。她跟姐姐生活在一起,終生未嫁。  (原標題:The “Jane Austen” story)


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